Smart ideas, the start of all fortunes

It’s not always easy to catch new ideas and bring them home!

  • Where can you find new insights that really matter?
  • How do you define and fine-tune your brand identity?
  • What is your best plan to stand out in style?
  • What about the reputation of your company, products and services?
  • Do you nail content, copy writing, translations and media relations?
  • What about conversation, visual and audiovisual material?

A first good idea could be to talk.

Good ideas are the result of understanding context, combining elements and building on them. Connect fluently, exchange what comes up in a free and unhindered way. Never say ‘no’ or put someone down in a brainstorm, or put a euro in the bowl.

Breathe. Leave room for ideas to take root and bloom, in line with your vision and passion.

Allow yourself to travel, open up your mind and let in new, exhilarating thoughts. It is not a burden to come up with ideas, it is just a way of standing in the world and being open to sharing. Once you apply this logic, you are already almost safe on first base.


Photo: 'Make life a ride' © First Base
 Catch GIF by Patrick Truby on  kinja