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Find ideas, tell stories, translate content, and connect with your audience. You’re welcome at First base for solid support in reaching your goals.

Today’s information transport system is complex and expanding. There are many travelers, intersecting trajectories, stations and stops.

Let’s go on a journey together and share your ideas. We’ll produce real connections, based on mutual understanding and respect, unlock doors and lead you to your communication destination.

Doing good is our simple and universal vision.
Clarity and consistency helps you to hold better views on life and business. Goodness contributes to make the world a better place. And you become a happier, more positive person.

Affirmative words, feelings and actions bring positive change. That’s what we try to do, in business and philanthropy.

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Think outside the box… overused, but still true

Outside the box… what a stale expression! It’s so overused that it sinks like lead in a bucket, worn out, scratched and beaten up. Right along with seamless, partner, synergy, thought leadership and two handfuls of verbs that end on -ize. But hey, it’s still about the same dang thing… be creative, be bold! Change … Continue reading Think outside the box… overused, but still true

Transcreation, adding values and emotions into translation

Transcreation means to add a creative layer to translations, besides linguistics and cultural fine-tuning. The objective is to make the brand resonate in the market, as a real and likeable cultural identity. it is the way to make content really consistent with the culture and the emotions of the audience, and build the brand locally into a success, an adopted taste.

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