Four times more

Localization is an important factor in your success.
When you adapt your content to the stories and lives of your markets and share your content in the language people really speak, you sell up to four times more. Recent studies confirm this spectacular number, and major companies are changing there budgets to improve results.

First base is an experienced partner in professional translations.
As an active member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters, our collaborators respect a code of conduct in managing content. And we team up with a network of trusted colleagues for first class results.

Don’t underestimate translation projects

Good content is a serious business. There’s no room for crazy deadlines, ambiguities in source texts, insufficient input, disastrous machine translations, poor proofreading (even by native speakers!), failed project coordination, cheap (or poor yet expensive) freelance work, … You are better than that, honestly.

We know the ropes, we are experienced in reaching the other side on time and above expectations. Let’s talk and get to work!

Keep your translations on track

Want to read more on how to get translations right?
Even if you apply only half the tips in this guide, you will improve your chances of getting a translation that works.

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Photo: 'Airport office' © First base