Brilliant adds subtract

What makes an ad brilliant? A lot of complicated theories exist on advertising. But the answer to this question is really simple. Don't complicate things. Simplify. Beauty is in the essence of things! Ask yourself what you would say if you only had six seconds to tell your story. Online, in print and bill-boarding, this … Continue reading Brilliant adds subtract

Compassion, good for your business

Okay, business is for a big part about making money and growing. And leaders are often seen as sharks, psychopaths even, who bully and weasel their way to the top. That's the way it goes, right? It does not have to be so. Nice guys finish first Professor Adam Grant explains in his bestseller Give … Continue reading Compassion, good for your business

Think outside the box… overused, but still true

Outside the box... what a stale expression! It's so overused that it sinks like lead in a bucket, worn out, scratched and beaten up. Right along with seamless, partner, synergy, thought leadership and two handfuls of verbs that end on -ize. But hey, it's still about the same dang thing... be creative, be bold! Change … Continue reading Think outside the box… overused, but still true

Transcreation, adding values and emotions into translation

Transcreation means to add a creative layer to translations, besides linguistics and cultural fine-tuning. The objective is to make the brand resonate in the market, as a real and likeable cultural identity. it is the way to make content really consistent with the culture and the emotions of the audience, and build the brand locally into a success, an adopted taste.

How to communicate so people want to listen

Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? It happens more than we think. Julian Treasure - this man has not stolen his name- is here to help. His TED talk is useful and 100% to the point.   Mister Treasure's message is clear: powerful speaking is based on honesty, authenticity, integrity … Continue reading How to communicate so people want to listen

Warm Wishes for a Happy New(s) year!

  Happy 2020! Did you know 20/20 in English means 'perfect vision' ? That's what we wish for us all in the new year... The world needs clarity, in a world where social media trolls and fake news seem to keep us in a permanent 1984. The news often focuses on the negative. It seeks … Continue reading Warm Wishes for a Happy New(s) year!

Communicatie: loop, spring, durf

Taal vraagt om gedachtensprongen. En durf. Taal lijkt eenvoudig, maar is een ware kunst Om fris en gericht je ideeën te delen, moet je weten waar je naartoe gaat, èn je gedachte de vrije loop laten. Soms moet je recht op je doel afgaan. Maar om hindernissen te nemen moet je verder denken. Taal is … Continue reading Communicatie: loop, spring, durf

Lanceurs de relève

Vous cherchez un collaborateur freelance, aussi bien à l’aise devant un conseil d’ administration que sur le terrain ? Depuis 20 ans nous sommes “lanceur de relève”. Nous avons déjà mis en jeu notre expérience et notre force d’expertise  dans divers domaines. Notre gamme de références s’étend des médias aux banques et assureurs, à l’ … Continue reading Lanceurs de relève

Hoe merk-waardig is je merk?

Hoe merk-waardig is je merk? Val je op of val je af? We leven in een tijd van woekerende verspreiding van ideeën. Meer dan ooit moet je opvallen, voor de klant "op u valt". Iedereen heeft een mening over zowat alles. En kan die aan iedereen kwijt. De traditionele media bepalen niet meer echt wat … Continue reading Hoe merk-waardig is je merk?

Europe’s language business

From In our January 2010 diary we report on the European Commission's revelation that language related services amount to one of the biggest earning sectors in the region, but more needs to be done to raise awareness of these skills and resources. Business generated by Europe's translation providers and other language teaching services is … Continue reading Europe’s language business