Brilliant adds subtract

What makes an ad brilliant?

A lot of complicated theories exist on advertising. But the answer to this question is really simple. Don’t complicate things. Simplify. Beauty is in the essence of things!

Ask yourself what you would say if you only had six seconds to tell your story. Online, in print and bill-boarding, this is actually more than you get, in most cases.

Don’t add, subtract! Tell your story, simply and precisely. Go for the heart and gut of your audience and touch them head-on:

1. Think in easy to remember words and images
2. Don’t add, subtract: give information quickly and without complications
3. Leave space, also physically… the eye and ear need room to digest

First base loves this one…

“We missed you! #welcomeback” is a gem.

The right concept at the right time, the pitch perfect tone, great copy. And beautiful images you like instinctively, the perfect voice (Wim Opbrouck is a master at his craft), warm music and a smart hashtag that finishes it all off perfectly.

“A museum without an audience, that’s like a campfire without music.
And a city without life, that’s like a cafe without beer.”

Allow us to add an extra hashtag: #GoeBezig (#DoingGreat)