How to communicate so people want to listen

Have you ever felt like you’re talking, but nobody is listening? It happens more than we think. Julian Treasure – this man has not stolen his name- is here to help. His TED talk is useful and 100% to the point.


Mister Treasure’s message is clear: powerful speaking is based on honesty, authenticity, integrity and love. Together they form the acronym HAIL, which in itself means ‘to greet or acclaim with enthusiasm’. Isn’t that what we all want to experience, when we encounter people? So we think that the truth in this TED talk is valid for all powerful communication. Online and offline. In events and on a page. In groups or one-to-one. Hail!

Anyway, we do recommend this excellent talk. Take a walk in the world of sound and empathy, the tone of voice and credibility we all should learn to treasure. This talk might help the world sound more beautiful.


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