9 tools to boost your marketing

A clever way to make the news … is to create it yourself. Become a value connector, sharing ideas and opportunities with the people you want to reach. This way, you can be a source of happy news, every day.

And this is now more than ever important. Owned media and direct connections with prospects and clients are key to your credibility and success. For this reason, marketers are more and more floating into digital orbit, looking out over the world using web based tools.

Sales Tools

But what tools should you use? There are thousands! We received an interesting message from Unbouce, with 9 essential SaaS marketing tools to make your marketing easier and a whole lot more effective. They can be a start in your search for better interaction and knowledge. And Unbouce added a link where you can get try-outs and special deals on the 9 tools in the showcase!
Here is the overview of the tools…


AWeber helps businesses increase sales and profits through its web-based email marketing tools. (Another that is excellent is Selligent).


Unbounce is a landing page builder for marketers. Easily build, publish and A/B test landing pages just like this one.

HubspotHubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software to optimize your website. The promise is that more prospects find you, and convert to leads and customers.


KISSmetrics gives you the insights to optimize your marketing. Find bottlenecks, optimize conversions, and find more customers.


HootSuite brings integrated social media management. It’s a dream to to manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI.


WordStream provides paid search marketing software, managed PPC services, and expert marketing advice to make online advertising easy.


Optimizely is one optimization platform for websites and mobile apps.

 WistiaWistia is a professional video hosting service with analytics and video marketing tools.

MOZMoz provides inbound marketing software, educational resources, and a vibrant online marketing community.


Thanks to Oli Gardner, Unbounce Co-Founder, and his team for sharing these tools.