Think outside the box

Be creative! Change is the way forward. We need good ideas, like we need air and water. And it is not difficult, if you open your mind for it. Ideas are  everywhere. Just for the taking. Creativity isn’t just for writers. Thinking outside of the box is essential for every modern professional, whether you build cars, computers, or brand reputations. Without creativity, there would be no innovation, no social change, no entrepreneurial spirit driving our economy.  Developing your capacity for creativity is one of the most rewarding forms of professional growth. Master the art of innovative thinking, and you can secure your future (and of course, the future of your company).

Liked the tips I found on ‘blue glass’. Yet another list of creative tips. As long as it gets you going.

For me the most important one is simply: just DO it, think outside the box: it’s a willingness more than a talent.