Ideas and positive energy rule!

Seth Godin has a new book out, and the Iphone app to support it. As gurus go, he has made and maintained his brand well.
The new one is called Unleashing the Super Ideavirus. Like it. Live your ideas! Have taste! Be in tune with your Hive!

They should force politicians to read it. And then make them discuss it in parliament.  It should be spread for free in business and schools. Spread the word. That creativity is everywhere and the key to our survival and success. Like FlandersDC. They’re inviting Godin over for a talk. Guru style. Put on a show.

We all need  a shot against poverty of the mind. Think out of the box! Freedom! Against negativism and stale management. Let’s get rid of the grey of concrete walls. As is written somewhere in Leuven,Belgium: “Weg met de betonkleur van de betonmuren!” Against negativism and greed too.

Start with your writing, perhaps. One word at a time… (Looking for writing tips? A character name? Want to cure your writers’s block?)
Language IS a great virus. A wonderful virus. Spread the word. it’s more powerful then the sword.